Namaskar Yoga
Internationally Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School since 2009
Owner/Director: Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Lead Trainer, Yoga Alliance

Namaskar Yoga has trained and certified close to 600 wonderful Yoga Teachers.  Many of these teachers also completed specialty courses such as Yin, Restorative, Power/Yoga for Athletes, Prenatal Yoga, and many successfully completed Namaskar Yoga's 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Program to register with Yoga Alliance.  We know these teachers continue to help many, many people to benefit from the amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga.

At this time we have decided to discontinue our 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training School Program.  We are still teaching yoga classes in Saskatoon, and hope to offer Continuing Education Yoga Workshops in the future.  We are a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider) and recognized by MTAS and SPRA. 
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Reviews by Namaskar 200 Hour RYT Program Graduates

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour RYT Program 2009 - 2019 Reviews by Graduates

By: Norine Leibel Dec 12, 2013
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
I learned more than I ever imagined I would through Namaskar. I learned how to teach, safely and inclusively, and I also learned teaching confidence through practical application during the entire training. Kathleen demonstrated this practical application of teaching concepts throughout; she practices what she teaches. If you want to help people to empower themselves through yoga, this is the school to go to.
By: Patti Schidlowsky Dec 13, 2013
My experience with Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training was very positive. The instructor (s) were present for the entire training. The amount of information learned in each module was substantial with clear obejctives and the emphasis of safety in each and every aspect of the modules. What I most appreciated about Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training is its incorporation and emphasis of ethical values and principles that make a solid foundation for learning and as such with confidence I would recommend this Yoga School for anyone interested in teaching yoga or deepening their own practice.
By: Lisa Leis Dec 17, 2013
A very supportive and inclusive environment to learn and study yoga. The manuals provided were excellent and the curriculum is thorough.
By: Desiree Harrison Jan 04, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
Namaskar Yoga provides high quality training with attention to detail in terms of knowledge required for safety, teaching practices, anatomy, and adjustments, while also being mindful of including philosophy and meditation aspects. Teachers are respectful, develop a welcoming environment, and are completely supportive of all RYT students. They teach with love, while also encouraging everyone to strive for excellence, and providing the necessary tools to be a yoga instructor. Students are encouraged to discuss topics, think critically, and take initiative in directing their learning goals. If you are seeking a reputable studio, with a flexible training schedule, and supportive environment that allows you to develop your skills without pressure, I would highly recommend completing RYT training at this studio.
By: Christa Lovas Jan 30, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
I am thankful that I was introduced to this studio and that I finished out my RYT with Namaskar. I have already reffered a few to come for trainings as the atmosphere of learning was well received. From other research of schools Namaskar follows strictly to the Yoga Alliance parameters and I appreciated that5
By: Nina Zettl Jan 31, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
I felt Namaskar's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program was absolutely exceptional! The program has a big emphasis on safety and on teaching the foundations and proper technique, with a good balance of practice instruction and theory. Through Kathleen's facilitation, the classroom environment was one of inclusiveness and authenticity. Her program provided a rich experience of the many facets of yoga including the history, philosophies, basic to advanced asanas, meditation, anatomy, specialties areas of yoga and pranayamas. I would recommend this program to anyone. I am happy to have such a positive and inspirational mentor such as Kathleen, who continues to shine her bright light in the Saskatchewan yoga community.
By: Denita Morin Feb 07, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training was both fullfilling and accessable.
By: Bobbi Nordal Mar 16, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
I cannot say enough about Kathleen and her teacher training. She provides a fun and safe training experience for everyone and although she is teaching a number of people at the same time it always feels personal, she's always there for you as a student. An amazing experience!
By: Mishel Quaal Mar 20, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
This instructors at this school fostered, supported and challenged me! As an educator myself, this training course has been relevant, engaging and life changing. I look forward to continuing my professional yoga teacher development with the very skilled and welcoming instructors at this school.5
By: Brenda Goossen Mar 28, 2014
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
Kathleen and Doug bring their integrity as well as their passion for yoga to all their teaching. They provide a welcoming and supportive environment which facilitates learning.
By: Leanne Parsons Sep 25, 2014
I would recommend Namaskar Yoga Studio to anyone looking to further their education in yoga. The school is welcoming and all inclusive. Kathleen is a great teacher!! I look forward to every opportunity to train and advance my yoga knowledge at Namaskar Studio. I also continue to advance my personal practice through regular classes at the studio. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!
5 out of 5
By: Tanya Helgason Sep 27, 2014
This is a great school, with wonderful, knowledgeable teachers. The atmosphere and energy was always fun and safe which made it a great way to learn. They teach with great emphasis on making yoga inclusive for everyone! I loved it and would return again for refreshers or any new training offered.
By: Wendy Davies Oct 15, 2014
The decision was very clear for me when I decided to make the committment to train with Namaskar Yoga Studio. The course was outlined in a very inviting, accessible and manageable way. Not only was the training extremely thorough, but it was conducted in a very non-judgemental, supportive, and respectful way. Never did I realize how detail oriented, and thought out this syllabus would be. I have to say that because of their training I not only feel confident as I move forward as a yoga teacher, but I feel gratitude for what this training provided to me as a person. Kathleen and Doug are absolutely phenomal, devoted and highly professional teachers and I am consider myself lucky to have received my training with them and through their school. I highly recommend anyone considering undertaking their 200-hr RYT to take their training with Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training at their studio in Saskatoon, SK.5
By: Chao Huang Nov 18, 2014
I felt blessed to have taken my yoga teacher training at Namaskar yoga studio, Saskatoon. My training experience was fantastic! The school provided a safe, non-judgmental, and inclusive learning environment. Not only did I gain knowledge of yoga from two incredible teachers—Kathleen & Doug, but also I learnt a lot from my peers. Everyone was so supportive and respectful. I’ve never been in a group as inclusive as this. I would highly recommend people take the 200-hr yoga teacher training at Namaskar yoga studio, Saskatoon. After my 200-hr yoga teacher training, I obtained the skills to study yoga independently. And I’m eager to share with my students what I know, and give what they can receive. I’m ready start a new journey on my yoga path! Namaste!
By: Eric Eric Nov 20, 2014
Absolutely excellent program. The hands on approach taken to teach the course really helped retain the information. The teachers were fun, passionate and respectful in all aspects. I look forward to continuing my education with this school and hope to see my fellow teachers in the future. We had a great group. Namaste.5
By: Terri Davidson Nov 24, 2014
Deciding to enter the world of yoga more fully has been a life altering experience for me both personally and professionally. Kathleen and Doug are truly professional facilitators that are excellent role models . They model respect, inclusivity, energy, safety, knowledge and a great sense of fun. They are compassionate, supportive, and totally committed to sending the best yoga instructors into the world. The studio is bright and clean. The brightest stars are these two wonderful people and how they conduct themselves and pass on the love of yoga so we can safely pass it on to our participants! Thank you
By: Kristen Imrie Jan 06, 2015
I absolutely loved my experience training at this school. The atmosphere was inclusive and safe. I completed the program feeling confident, aware and fully supported as a new and still-learning teacher.5
By: Colleen McBride Jan 09, 2015
Kathleen is a highly skilled and thoughtful yoga teacher trainer. Her training encompasses the richness of yoga. Specifically I appreciated her attention to safety, inclusiveness and respect.
By: Kate O'Gorman Jan 12, 2015
Excellent, hands-on training. Safety and modifications stressed. Very accommodating of students' needs.
By: Tammy Fulton Mar 01, 2015
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013

By: Jess Pirie Mar 13, 2015
When I walked into the Namaskar studio I had no clue what to expect. I had little confidence in myself as a yoga teacher, mainly because I felt I didn't have enough knowledge or experience. After the first weekend and my first module (Teaching Basic Asanas) I was hooked! I was bursting with the knowledge I had craved and a new enthusiasm for learning. Kathleen and Doug have a way of making every part of Yoga and how we can teach Yoga accessible to every person. They teach you compassion, whether you are aware of it or not. The people within the class quickly build a foundation for comfortable group learning. I could honestly talk forever about the world class education you will receive if you choose to attend any training with this school. Instead I will just continue to support these amazing ambassadors of Yoga! With the highest recommendation, the Namaskar Teacher Training program is truly an unforgettable experience. One love, Namaste.
By: Carol Metanczuk Jun 30, 2015
Kathleen and Doug Podiluk exemplify what teaching and the practice of yoga is all about. They are committed, caring, invested in their students and dedicated to instructing their students to be conscientious, safety oriented , they teach a broad spectrum of courses beyond poses and promote the value of acceptance of all. This is the highest quality training facility I've been exposed to, and I believe goes above and beyond in the dedication of educating their yoga teachers. They walk their talk.
By: Kyla Mamer Jul 15, 2015
This is a wonderful and supportive school. The information is delivered well. The modules are well put together to help you deliver safe and effective classes. The owner and teacher of the school is a loving and caring lady who really loves her job. She will make sure you leave the school feeling prepared and supported. She has helped me several times years after completing my studies with her. Thank you Kathleen. Yoga is a journey. Never ending. And I thank you for all your help. Kyla
By: Christine Hambleton Jul 23, 2015
Namaskar Yoga studio is a wonderfully inclusive environment to train as a yoga teacher. It quickly gains the feel of a 'home away from home'. This sense of inclusiveness is a continued theme throughout the training as teachers learn to tailor their classes to be appropriate for any student. They are very thorough in covering all aspects of yoga and ensure that teachers learn how to clearly teach while keeping students safe. I feel that the delivery of modules in weekend format allows time to continue to grow as a teacher throughout the entire training period and complete training at an individual pace. Kathleen and Doug are highly supportive of their teachers and make it known that they are available for advice, help, or mentorship even after their students graduate. I highly recommend this teacher training program and intend to continue training through Namaskar Yoga studio.
By: Brette Crockett Aug 13, 2015
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2013 held on Feb 01, 2013
Kathleen and Doug do a wonderful job of trying to break information into manageable-feeling pieces so no one is overwhelmed. They teach how to teach instead of simply helping you further your own practice. Their environment is warm and friendly, and they work hard to meet every student where they are on any given day.5
By: Tara Tse Oct 01, 2015
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2014 held on Feb 07, 2014
Kathleen and Doug are extremely supportive and encouraging. The way the program is set up made going through the modules convenient for my schedule, which was nice. They emphasize the importance of technique, safety, respect, equal opportunity, and critical thinking.
By: Sarah Ward Oct 20, 2015
The training I received at Namaskar is the foundation from which my personal as well as teaching practice is built on. The amount of knowledge that Kathleen has blows me away. Her passion for yoga is evident in her teaching. I could not have chosen a better program to start my teacher training.3
By: Laureen Sumner Nov 17, 2015
Namaskar is very careful to produce teachers who teach safely and inclusively. The modules are carefully planned and everyone's time is respected. The atmosphere is joyful and sattwic.
By: Gloria Bell Jan 04, 2016
An excellent program delivered professionally in a nurturing environment. I consider myself privileged to have completed the 200 RYT Training at Namaskar Yoga with Kathleen and Doug.
By: Jelisa Wiegers Mar 18, 2016
When you choose your Studio to learn and grow as a yoga teacher, I hope you are as lucky as I am. I also gained a family at Namaskar! I cherish each hour with Kathleen and Doug. They teach in such a loving and passionate way that is both inclusive and welcoming. Kathleen has years experience, as well as training from around the world to share. Her teachings and informative manuals for each module really reflects that. Kathleen and Doug encourage critical thinking, and make sure everything they teach is backed with thorough research. While doing all of this, they help guide each teacher in a loving way to discover their potential. Every module taught me so much, and I absolutely loved them all! But if I had to choose a number one favourite..I would have to pick the meditation module. But every other one is a close second! Teachers that learn from them gain all the tools they need, so that they can go in confidence to teach with safety and care. Everything I learned has helped me fall even more in love with my practice, which helps me be a better teacher. I will be back to learn more from these two beautiful souls for sure (and all the amazing yogi’s that come near and far to learn from them as well). If you are looking for an inclusive, welcoming yoga teacher training school, that have passionate teachers that help you grow and learn with enjoyment, look no further! Thank you Doug and Kathleen! We are so lucky to have you and the special Studio you created.5
By: Corinne Delainey Jul 20, 2016
The program Namaskar has created to train new yoga instructors is second to none. Kathleen and Doug teach from a place of purity that allows for discussion and debate, ensures inclusivity and respect, and demands safety and care. It is an amazingly beautiful experience that nurtures the body, mind and spirit in its teachings. Lasting friendships and mentorships are created. And I consider myself fortunate to have learned from the best! Thank you Kathleen and Doug. Namaste
By: Lucinda (Cindy) Kissick Sep 07, 2016
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2011 held on Apr 10, 2009
As a person as green as I was coming into yoga, I found the school to be very compassionate and encouraging to my needs and didn't make me feel "inferior". I am very impressed and loved that I have the opportunity to work closer to both Kathleen and Doug as they are definitely my mentors
By: Jennifer Froess Nov 30, 2016
This is a fantastic school. It is a safe and great learning environment. The school teaches for the students to apply critical thinking which is helpful when we teach our own classes or receive information from sources regarding yoga. My time at the school gave me a chance for positive personal growth that can be shared with my students. I feel confident as a yoga teacher to give my students safe and good quality yoga classes. I feel I have the tools to share my knowledge and carry on the positive environment I was given myself. I enjoyed a positive sense of humor while learning the necessary information to be a good yoga teacher. I was treated with compassion and respect during learning. I felt like my teachers cared about me and how I would teach. I would recommend Namaskar Teacher Training to anyone!5
By: Brin Beyer Dec 03, 2016
I would like to thank Kathleen and Doug for creating the most inclusive and respectful environment for us to take our teacher training! If you are looking for a school where you will be respected, cared for and leave feeling ready to share the knowledge you have learnt and teach yoga in a safe and inclusive manner. You have found it! I could not be happier with this program and its wonderful teachers! I look forward to continuing my education at Namaskar!5
By: Florence Scheepers Dec 03, 2016
Namaskar has an excellent program. It's inclusive and is beneficial to any new teachers from various backgrounds. Kathleen is very knowledgeable and is constantly exploring new topics and resources to answer our various questions. The courses give the basic understanding of yoga philosophy, history, and tradition as well as modern branches of yoga and how to apply a yoga practice in the community. Any past student of Kathleen have shown seriousness and professionalism in their teaching but also an open mind to new ideas. I had also become close to the other students through our time together and we have created our own support system.
By: Jennifer Lyle Dec 05, 2016
Kathleen, Doug and Namaskar's professionalism and yoga teacher training program is beyond exceptional. Never before have I witnessed some one share knowledge in such a kind, positive and intelligent manner. Kathleen's wise, accepting and respectful way of teaching should be experienced by all and emulated by many. Who wouldn't want to learn in this way. My experience here will be treasured always and I'm so grateful to have their continued support for the rest of my Yoga journey.
By: Gabrielle Weir Dec 10, 2016
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 held on Feb 06, 2016
Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best experiences of my life. Kathleen and Doug are a professional, experienced, team and genuinely embody the heart of yoga in their teaching and interactions with students. I was able to complete their training in weekendmodules over several years, allowing me to balance family and work with my yoga teacher training. My fellow students in every module were passionate, kind individuals, and the learning environment created by Kathleen and Doug was ideal for learning as well as creating close bonds with fellow teachers in training. I will definitely return to Namaskar for continued Yoga teacher training in the future, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a profound, professional yoga teacher training experience!
By: Jill Deacon Jan 07, 2017
Namaskar teaching training in Saskatoon prepared me to become a professional, inclusive, compassionate, knowledgeable and nonjudgmental yoga instructor. Kathleen and Doug are exceptional teachers who are truthful in their knowledge and they have an amazing ability to make all teachers feel valued, capable and challenged. It was an honour to be able to work and learn from such genuine people.
By: Holly Moroschan Feb 27, 2017
Namaskar provided me with a journey of academic learning and personal growth. The knowledge and wisdom Kathleen and Doug impart on participants is both well researched and relevant. More than that they create a safe environment for individuals to come together and be authentic. The Yoga is accessible and the community is priceless.
By: Lyne de Montarnal Feb 28, 2017
This was an excellent training experience. The education was of high quality, but the atmosphere provided in which to learn was even better. They really provide a truly inclusive learning environment that begins to feel like a second home. The program is spread out over 10 weekends. I felt this was optimal as it gave time for true personal development on and off the mat. It also makes the training more accessible for those who cannot commit to a large amount of time all at once. This schedule made it possible for me to achieve my goals and be present for my family. Kathleen and Doug provide a personal learning experience in which they were patient in helping me to blossom into confident and competent yoga instructor.
By: Joanne Amy Mar 01, 2017
I feel very privileged to have completed my yoga teacher training at Namaskar. Safety, inclusivity and respect were always a main focus at Namaskar Yoga. Kathleen and Doug are very knowledgeable ensuring right knowledge was provided and always encouraged their students to learn and teach the same way. I was especially appreciative that I was able to complete this training on weekends as it would not have been possible to reach my goal otherwise. Thank you Kathleen and Doug for giving so freely of your weekends. The past year has been a life changing experience for me, mind body and spirit. I thank Kathleen and Doug for the opportunity to feel like I was spending time with my second family whenever I was at training and look forward to additional opportunities to train with them. Namaste:)
By: Virna Marisol Molina-Smith May 17, 2017
I highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about becoming a yoga teacher. It acknowledges capabilities and limitation and how best to deliver a well rounded experience. Therefore providing a training that a teachers can deliver with confidence using modified or advance skills to their student making their program safe and inclusive.
By: Marley Waiser Aug 21, 2017
I highly recommend Namaskar yoga for teacher training. Not only did Kathleen and Doug impart their considerable knowledge, but I had a lot of fun learning. Namaskar yoga places an emphasis on practicing yoga for teachers and safety for students. There was also an emphasis on inclusivity ...making sure that classes are accessible to all students. And that means as a teacher placing an emphasis on finding your edge...and everyone's edge is different and that is OK. Another aspect that I really enjoyed was having to present (either in acting format or real presentations) which only enhanced the learning process. Also it was quite amazing to me the strong bonds that developed between students over a series of workshops. We as students felt comfortable enough to talk about stressful times in our lives during circle time at the end of workshops. Quite the cathartic experience! And it was because we felt safe there...thanks to Kathleen and Doug!
By: Kay Minielly Oct 18, 2017
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 held on Feb 06, 2016
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete my 200 RYT training with Kathleen and Doug. They are very dedicated to providing an inclusive and evidence-based yoga teacher training that is accessible to all teachers. Without a doubt, I will be returning to Namaskar Yoga to continue my education as a yoga teacher.
By: Laurie Idema-Wood Nov 06, 2017
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 held on Feb 06, 2016
I send all my fitness teachers I certify that are interested in yoga to Namaskar. It is the best school I have found that combines current research with critical thinking. Doug and Kathleen are very approachable and helpful throughout the process. There are schools closer to my home but I preferred to drive to Saskatoon for the training at Namaskar. I would never hesitate going to a class led by a teacher trained by Doug and Kathleen. 1
By: Judy Fransoo Dec 13, 2017
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2017 held on Feb 11, 2017
The Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training program was an extremely positive experience. Kathleen is an excellent teacher. Her welcoming attitude, sharing of well researched knowledge and her techniques of presentation bring the most tentative student to growth in confidence and expertise. She and her main support, Doug, offer not only a great program but an uplifting experience too!
By: Cara Jahnke Jan 04, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2015 held on Feb 07, 2015
Namaskar Studio offered a very safe and inclusive place to learn about yoga and learn to teach. I felt very welcome there at all times and it was a wonderful learning experience. The teachers are amazing and I will continue to go back there and learn more!
By: Janice Walker Jan 05, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 - 2017 held on Feb 06, 2016
-Kathleen is blessed with a gift of sharing her knowledge, expertise, skills and heart in order to allow others an opportunity to discover who they really are under all the layers. The classes provided by Kathleen and Doug were all about yoga, however, their presence and guidance through ensuring a safe, supportive environment allowed me to learn not just about yoga but about myself. I am not the same person I was when I entered the yoga teaching 15 months ago. -Physical and emotional safety were paramount in every session Kathleen and Doug taught. This lesson that was verbalized daily was also integrated in how we were with each other in the group. -The ability to take the classes throughout the year on weekends, allowed me to integrate what I learned and practice with others. Kathleen ensures that once a weekend module was complete, the knowledge acquired was built upon in future sessions. This method of teaching allowed continued growth of the subject matter whereby it was anatomy, meditation, asanas, etc... -I feel truly blessed that I went on the Yoga Alliance website and found Kathleen and Doug's studio for my 200 hour education. -Perhaps the greatest appreciation I have for Yoga Alliance and Namaskar Yoga is that when I go to another studio or take classes from another instructor, I know that there are credentials that are upheld. I appreciate this opportunity to be part of an organization where safety and inclusiveness in yoga is a priority. HIGHLY recommend Namaskar Yoga as a teacher training center.
By: Kim Mayuk Jan 06, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 held on Feb 06, 2016
I can’t express how grateful I am that I decided to take this training program in Saskatoon. The ability to take my teacher training in a weekend program made it more feasible, especially with my young family. Kathleen and Doug are the most exceptional, non-judgmental, compassionate teachers. They provide a safe learning environment for ALL students. I have to admit that my first weekend I was very nervous and not sure what to expect. By the second and third training it felt truly like my second home. Kathleen and Doug have also continued to give me support and advice when I have needed it. They respond quickly to my emails and questions, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much Namaskar Saskatoon!!! You truly have changed my life.
By: Shanna Kosior Jan 06, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 held on Feb 06, 2016
A wonderful place to take yoga training! Such a caring, safe atmosphere to learn, led by two very knowledgeable and kind people.
By: Norma Coulterman Jan 17, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 - 2017 held on Feb 06, 2016
When I finished my training with Namaskar I felt confident to teach. I enjoyed the follow up emails that were sent after each module with lots of information and resources for future use.
By:  Anita Hrytsak Jan 22, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 held on Feb 06, 2016

By: Leah Brannen Feb 09, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 - 2017 held on Feb 06, 2016
Namaskar's mission statement includes the words "to provide a truly inclusive environment." This is easy to say but very hard to deliver. But they do! It is very rare to be in a truly inclusive environment were everyone is able to be themselves and to be open about what has brought them there. With dedication and sensitivity, Namaskar Yoga succeeds not only in making people feel better about themselves through the principles and practice of yoga, but in inspiring those people to help others feel better also.
By: Denise Leduc Mar 27, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2017 held on Feb 11, 2017
I was so nervous beginning my yoga teacher training, but Kathleen and Doug put an amazing effort into creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone to pursue their yoga journey. They create an atmosphere where students and teachers become like a big extended family. I have learned so much over my training and feel confident going forward with my own teaching. I feel that I have come away with a well-rounded base of knowledge in yoga from the school. I would definitely recommend Namaskar Yoga to others and know I will be back for more trainings and workshops.
By: Misty Urbatsch Apr 10, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2017 held on Feb 11, 2017
The Namaskar 200 Hour YTR Program will forever sit in my heart as one of the positive and uplifting experiences I have ever taken part in. Kathleen and Doug both have extensive knowledge on the foundations of the many different aspects of yoga and they do an exceptional job at passing on their knowledge in a positive and respectful environment. The program is well laid out and has given me a broad knowledge base to work from, which has given me confidence to get out and teach yoga! The yogis you take your training with play just as an important role in the experience as the facilitators, and because Kathleen and Doug have such great attitudes they always attract the most kind hearted and fabulous yogis to learn with!
By: Miranda Wiese May 10, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2016 - 2017 held on Feb 06, 2016
Highly recommend. Amazing people and incredible teachers. I am so grateful for all they have taught me as a teacher and beyond:)
By: Jeaneil Mutch Sep 12, 2018
Namaskar Yoga is a wonderful and comfortable studio to train at. You are so prepared to go out and teach when you leave there. Doug, Kathleen and all fellow RYT classmates becomes your yoga family!
By: Taylor Knaus Sep 17, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2017 held on Feb 11, 2017
Kathleen and Doug provide a space that allows you to grow and advance at your own pace. They encourage you to become a knowledgeable, safe, and compassionate teacher. They give you the tools to succeed and connect with others on and off the mat. 5
Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training was truly the perfect safe & inclusive environment I could of ever dreamed of to complete my goal of becoming a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Throughout the flexible weekend courses available I was able to plan & structure exactly how I wanted to complete all the modules. I met so many like minded and inspiring people through this journey who were on similar paths and who I was able to network with. Kathleen is kind and patient and is able to create the most amazing environment where she encourages both independent & group study and helps her students to find their individual path and passion. Each module was full of training and knowledge and I left after completing every one feeling educated, excited and ready to go out and teach!
By: Lisa Fraser Oct 23, 2018
Namaskar Yoga 200 Hour RYT Program 2017 - 2018 held on Apr 08, 2017
When I decided to take the RYT instruction, I wanted to be in an environment that was safe to learn, knowledgeable and encouraging. What I found in Namaskar Yoga school was all that and so much more. Kathleen and Doug became such an inspiring part of my journey and learning. Their natural ability to instruct with such heart, soul and commitment to their students and our future students showed in every module.This was the best 200 hours spent with strangers that became friends. Thank you Kathleen and Doug for selflessly sharing your knowledge and tools, breathing confidence in me and inspiring me to become a knowledgeable and confident instructor!


Namaskar Yoga Refund Policy for Teacher Training workshops
- More than 14 days notice of cancellation and request to transfer registration to another training module if applicable and available:  Administration fee of $15
- More than 14 days notice of cancellation and request for refund:  Administration fee of $20 
- Less than 14 days notice of cancellation - request to transfer registration if applicable:  Administration fee of $20

- Less than 14 days notice of cancellation and request for refund:  Administration fee of $30
- Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation:  Administration fee of $50
- After beginning attendance at the module, a pro-rated refund will be given if a doctor's certificate is provided.
- If Namaskar Yoga Studio cancels/reschedules a training a full refund will be given.