Namaskar is an Internationally Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School
Studio Location:  615 2nd Avenue North downtown Saskatoon S7J 1R1  306-241-3409
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No mail delivery accepted at downtown studio location  Mailing address: 2326 Haultain Avenue S7J 1R1
Office Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday to Friday  Phone: 306-241-3409 
Yoga Classes
For information or registration: Yoga Classes at Namaskar Yoga

Yoga Teacher Certification Courses

Owner and Director:  Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Lead Trainer, Yoga Alliance
Teacher training is taught by E-RYT's qualified by the "Experienced" Designation to train and certify 
internationally recognized Yoga Teachers and provide Certification and Continuing Education Credits recognized by the Yoga Alliance, MTAS, SPRA

Contact for further information or registration

Basic Yoga Teacher Certification Course
Teaching Basic Asanas
18 hour weekend course + 4 hours practice teaching
You will be trained and certified to begin teaching Basic Yoga Classes in any venue.
Please see below for details of dates and times. 

Continued Training and Certification Courses:
Teaching Intermediate Asanas
Teaching to Specific Groups
Power/Vinyasa Yoga for Athletes - 1 day
Restorative Yoga - 1 day
Yin Yoga - 2 days
Prenatal Yoga - 2 days
Chair Assisted Yoga - 1 day
Please see below for details of dates and times.

Please email to request Application for Registration: 
Receipt of completed application + fee payment are required to hold a spot in a module.
CEC's available for SPRA, Yoga Alliance and MTAS

City of Saskatoon Recreation and Community Development Bursaries available for Basic Asanas, Intermediate Asanas, and Specific Groups. 
Note: These workshops sometimes become full, therefore receipt of the completed.
Application for Registration and fee payment are required to hold a spot in a module.
Post dated cheques can be accepted by specific arrangement with the Director

for pictures of training workshops
Click on: Namaskar Yoga Alliance Webpage to visit our Yoga Alliance Webpage for Reviews by Namaskar Yoga RYT 200 Graduates

We are also the Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training School in Saskatchewan for SPRA and City of Saskatoon Recreation and Community Development Division.

Contact Saskatoon Recreation and Community Development Division for information on their bursaries for Namaskar Studio Teacher Training modules
Dates subject to change if scheduling conflict occurs.

First Module: Teaching Basic Asanas

Methods to design and teach beneficial, safe beginner yoga classes for any venue: yoga studios, gyms, clubs, fitness centers, community associations, corporate, private. Students will receive a Namaskar Yoga Studio pose manual for training of technique and practice in teaching: cueing, sequencing, transitions, modifications, contraindications, breathing, basic yoga history, philosophy, styles of yoga, teaching styles, basic anatomy and safety. 
Upon completion of training and practice teaching requirements: participants receive a recognized certification to teach Basic/Beginner Level Yoga Classes in any venue. 
This training is suitable for those with a regular yoga practice, or Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, and other Fitness/Health/Wellness Practitioners. Also for individuals who want to attend to deepen their own personal knowledge and practice! 
Requirements for Certification: Full attendance at module, regular yoga practice, plus 4 hours mentored practice teaching or equivalent as discussed with Director. Visit Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training News for Mentored Practice Teaching options. Director may advise further practice is required before certification to begin teaching yoga.

Next scheduled dates:  Yoga Teacher Certification - Teaching Basic Asanas
Date:  April 8-9, 2017  April date  is full.
Date:  September 9-10, 2017 September date  is full
Date:  February 10-11, 2018 - This training date may be full.  Please email for more info.
Date:  April 14-15, 2018 - spaces available
Times: Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 6 pm 
Fee: $350 (inc gst)
Requirements for Certification: See Description above
CEC's available: SPRA 12, Yoga Alliance 18 Contact, MTAS 4 Primary


Teaching to Specific Groups Module
Explore and learn about teaching to specific groups of students:Teachers will receive information, training, consideration and/or practice specific to teaching to various groups of participants for various styles and venues:
Overview, introduction and sample practice of:
Fitness/Vinyasa/Athlete, and Sport Specific Yoga for Runners, Golfers, Hockey Players, Curlers, etc., Gentle Yoga, Seniors and Chair-Assisted Yoga, Yoga for Children. Information, discussion and considerations for Prenatal Yoga.  Differences between Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Beginner Yoga.  This module will include anatomical, physiological and psychological issues and considerations for various participants. We will learn what is involved in developing and delivering effective, beneficial and adaptive classes for these specific groups of participants.

Next scheduled dates:  Teaching to Specific Groups
Date:  April 28-29, 2018 - space available
Times: Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 6 pm 
Fee: $350 (inc gst)   
Prerequisite: Teaching Basic Asanas
CEC's available for SPRA, Yoga Alliance, MTAS 5 Primary


Teaching Intermediate Asanas
Further your Asanas technique and teaching abilities with:
- Over 30 intermediate level asanas
- Methods to develop interesting and inspiring intermediate and multi-level classes
- Varying options and methods to increase challenge in all types of classes
- Fitness/Power/Vinyasa Yoga
- Techniques to incorporate for advanced focus, awareness, increased challenge in poses
- Further development of individual teaching and communication skills
- Safe hands-on adjustments
- Pranayama
- Introduction to the paths of yoga philosophy and their application when teaching

Next scheduled dates for Teaching Intermediate Asanas
Date:  May 27-28, 2017  2017 date is full
Date:  May 12-13, 2018
Times: Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 6 pm 
Fee:  $350 (inc gst)   
Prerequisite: Teaching Basic Asanas
CEC's available for SPRA, Yoga Alliance, MTAS 4 Primary

Continue your Teacher Training with Specialty Courses at Namaskar
depending on your own interests, and who you would like to teach.

Power/Vinyasa Yoga for Athletes - 1 day
Restorative Yoga - 1 day
Yin Yoga - 2 days 
Prenatal Yoga - 2 days 
Chair Assisted Yoga - 1 day 
and more... 
For details, dates, times, workshop description and fees see below under 
"Yoga Workshops and Continuing Education" 

Namaskar has trained and certified internationally recognized Teachers since 2009
Please click on the link Namaskar Yoga Alliance Webpage
to see Reviews of our RYT Program by our graduates

For program information please email:

e-mail to request an Application for Registration
Note: These workshops sometimes become full, therefore receipt of the completed.
Application for Registration and fee payment are required to hold a spot in a module.
Post dated cheques can be accepted by specific arrangement with the Director


Namaskar has offered Yoga Alliance 200 Hour RYT Programs every year since 2009.
Our current 2017 - 2018 RYT Program is full and in progress.
Another 200 Hour RYT Program is not scheduled at this time.
Please email if you would like to be placed on the list to be notified if another 200 Hour RYT Program is scheduled.

Continuing Education
Yoga Workshops and
Yoga Teacher Weekends
2017 AND 2018
Please note:
 Some workshops have pre-requisites to attend, while others are open to all yogis! 
However, to be certified to teach yoga you must first be a Certified or Registered Teacher
See above for next scheduled Basic Yoga Teacher Certification module

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Basic Prenatal Asanas
Next date:  February 24-25, 2018
Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 6 pm
Instructor Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance

For details please visit the Website:  Prenatal Yoga Training
CLICK HERE for details on next Prenatal Yoga training February 24-25, 2018
Instructor: Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT, RPYT, RPYS, Yoga Alliance

Description of Training: Students receive a Prenatal Pose Manual for training and practice of 30 basic prenatal asanas, as well as study of benefits, contraindications, modifications and variations for prenatal yogis. Students will also have training and practice specific to teaching prenatal yoga: cueing, sequencing, transitions, pranayama, mantras, various teaching styles, and practice teaching. We will learn methods to design, develop and teach beneficial, adaptive and safe prenatal yoga classes, basic prenatal yoga anatomy and philosophy.  Pregnant Yoginis are welcome!

Register for 1 or both workshops

How to Design and Teach Chair Assisted Yoga
Date:  Saturday March 10, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (9 hours - Lunch on the mat)
Fee:  $190
Instructor:  Rosalynne Tayler, 200 Hour RYT Yoga Alliance, Certified Exercise for Older Adults, Certified Yoga for the Low Back
CEC's SPRA 6, YA 9 contact
If you would like to teach yoga to those who may require chair assistance but you’re not sure you feel well enough prepared to do so, this may be the right workshop for you. We will work together to learn how to modify yoga poses with chair support and have plenty of opportunity to practice teaching what we learn in a safe, encouraging and non-judgmental environment. We will examine safety and health considerations and consider how chair assisted yoga meshes with yoga philosophy. The emphasis of this workshop is to help you broaden your teaching skills in a fun and practical way and to give you the confidence and knowledge to provide a service to those in your community who would benefit from Chair Assisted Yoga. 
This expanded workshop also includes the basics of core and back anatomy, importance of core strength in supporting a healthy low back, and how to integrate the techniques into your Chair Assisted yoga lesson plan. We will practice accessing and strengthening deep stabilizing muscles and learn how to build deep core work into a safe and enjoyable practice for your Chair Assisted yogis.
Prerequisite for Certification: Basic Yoga Teacher Certification
For more information / registration email:

Vinyasa / Power Yoga for Athletes Workshop
Date:  Sunday March 11, 2018
Times:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Working lunch break on the mat - 8 contact hours
Fee:  $175
Instructor:  Doug Podiluk, E-RYT Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer, Certified Yoga for Golf Instructor, Experienced Teaching Yoga for Athletes, Hockey Players, Curlers, Golfers, Snowboarders
Description: This workshop will provide training to develop and teach safe, fun and energetic yoga classes specifically designed to safely and effectively increase strength, overall fitness and performance levels, and reduce injuries for athletes and active yogis. 
Prerequisite: Teaching Basic Asanas Certification or equivalent
CEC's SPRA 6, Yoga Alliance 8 contact


March 24-25, 2018 March 2018 is at full registration. 
Next date for Yin:  September 2018 This date will be set asap and registration will begin.  Please email asap to tell us the weekend(s) you would be available in September 2018. 
Time:  Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 6 pm
Location:  Namaskar Yoga 615 - 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon
Instructor:  Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT Yoga Alliance, Certified Yin Yoga
Fee:  $350 (inc gst)
Prerequisites for Certification:  Certified or Registered Yoga Teacher
Required Text:  Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark - available form Amazon @$22
CECs available for Yoga Alliance and SPRA
Description:  Yin Yoga is a practice which places healthy, gentle, regenerative stress on the connective tissue of the body - tendons, ligaments, fascia.  Postures are practiced carefully and mindfully and may be held for longer periods of time to allow gradual and safe restoration of the connective tissues.  The lower body is mainly targeted using passive postures that may feel challenging to maintain.  This calm, beneficial practice is a great counter training to more active styles of yoga, and helps to reduce aches, pains and overall physical and mental tension and stress.  

Please note this is not a Restorative Training
Please advise the Director if you are pregnant at the time of the training.
Please advise the Director if you have a current injury at the time of the training.
This module is continuing education.  To receive the Certificate you must also be a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Restorative Yoga Workshop
Date:  Saturday May 26, 2018

Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Working lunch break on the mat - 8 contact hours
Fee:  $175
Instructor: Kathleen Podiluk E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer, Certified Restorative Yoga
Suggested text to bring to workshop: Relax and Renew by Judy Lasater, PhD., P.T.
CEC's SPRA 6, Yoga Alliance 8 contact
Description: In Restorative Yoga participants "consciously relax" the entire body in fully supported floor poses; remaining present and observing the body release, letting go of any goals, and just allowing full relaxation for healing and restoration. This workshop is for Yoga Teachers and health/wellness workers who would like to incorporate Restorative Yoga principles and benefits into group or private practice, and also for yogis who would like to learn the benefits of including restorative poses in their current practice and every day life. Definition, history, poses, variations, adaptations, language, cueing, and practice applications
Prerequisite: Teaching Basic Asanas Certification or equivalent

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour RYT Programs
at Namaskar Yoga Studio
Since 2009
Namaskar Yoga Alliance Webpage - Program Details and Graduate Reviews
Program consists of 10 18-hour weekend modules plus homework/assignments/prework weekend modules
2017/2018 Program in progress 
Please note: Another 200 Hour RYT Program is not currently scheduled after 2017/2018 program. If you are interested in being placed on the list to be contacted if/when another Program is scheduled, please email

Namaskar Yoga Refund Policy for Teacher Training workshops
- More than 14 days notice of cancellation and request to transfer registration to another training module if applicable and available:  Administration fee of $15
- More than 14 days notice of cancellation and request for refund:  Administration fee of $20 
- Less than 14 days notice of cancellation - request to transfer registration if applicable:  Administration fee of $20
- Less than 14 days notice of cancellation and request for refund:  Administration fee of $30
- Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation:  Administration fee of $50
- After beginning attendance at the module, a pro-rated refund will be given if a doctor's certificate is provided.
- If Namaskar Yoga Studio cancels/reschedules a training a full refund will be given.

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